HeARToscope wants to invite you to join our community events that stem from our core values  community, arts, relationship and equity.  

All events will follow COVID-19 guidelines and regulations.


I Wish You Knew (PSA Campaign)

I Wish You Knew follows students who experience traumas at home, and the negative impact it has on their learning experience. I Wish You Knew pushes for more trauma informed schools to assist those students dealing with adverse childhood experiences.

West Greenville Mural Initiative

 HeARToscope seeks to bring more public art to West Greenville and look to improve the aesthetics through art as well as creating therapeutic benefits, highlighting diversity, and supporting cultural preservation efforts.

a brick sign that reads West Greenville
children drawing the color pencils

HeART of the City events

HeARToscope believes that art can be used as a tool to engage communities. The HeART of the City Pop Up Events aims to expose the West Greenville area to the arts through mini art festivals, art exhibitions, art workshops, and more.