HeART Exchange Weekend

All events will follow COVID-19 guidelines and regulations.

a man at table painting with two boys

At HeARToscope we offer art programs such as painting, photography, acting, film and more. Make sure you check out our upcoming events. We look forward to seeing you!

Upcoming HeART Exchange Weekends

Free Breakfast and Lunch

May 8th

10 AM

Eppes Recreation Center


Ages 8-12

June 12th

10 AM

South Greenville Rec. Center


Ages 12-17

June 26th

10 AM

South Greenville Rec. Center

Graphic Design

Ages 10-16

Aug. 14th

2 PM

South Greenville Rec. Center


Girls Ages 10-16

Sept. 11th

10 AM

Moyewood Community Center


Ages 5-11