West Greenville Initiative

Bubbles by Helen Lewis

a woman painting a mural on the streets

Photo Credit: Aaron Hines 

Murals benefit West Greenville by: 

  • Offer accessibility to art and creative expression.
  • Promote a sense of identity, belonging, welcoming and strengthen the area.
  • Create a tangible sense of place, destination and increase foot traffic while adding vibrancy, color and character.
  • Create therapeutic benefits for the mentally-ill and homeless populations.
  • Facilitate public-private partnerships and collaborations.
  • Increase the quality of life of its residents.
  • Serve as backdrops for photoshoots, community celebrations, mural tours, art walks and organized block parties.
  • Highlight diversity and resilience initiatives and help support cultural preservation efforts.
  • Serve as an inexpensive method of redevelopment. This will potentially help maintain property value, while deterring crimes such as illegal dumping.

Interested in painting a mural? Please fill out the forum!